Strategies for Boosting Candidate Contact Rates

One of the primary concerns voiced by staffing firm owners is the growing difficulty in reaching out to interested candidates. It may seem strange, but even those who apply to your job postings can be elusive to contact. However, in the staffing industry, the ability to establish meaningful connections with candidates can determine the success or failure of your entire recruitment process.

Engaging candidates serves as the crucial first step in building a robust talent pipeline. As you’re well aware, the more candidates you have in your pipeline, the greater the pool you can converse with, interview, and ultimately place with your clients. It’s a simple equation: more candidates equal more opportunities. Therefore, if your recruiters struggle to connect with candidates in the first place, it directly impacts your business revenue. In this article, I’ll provide practical tips to help staffing firms increase their contact rates and, consequently, enhance their candidate placement rates.

1. You’ve Got to Follow Up Fast!

When candidates inquire about new job opportunities, time is of the essence. Speedy follow-up demonstrates your professionalism and positions you to speak to them before they find your competitors. Make it a priority to respond to inquiries promptly, preferably within the first 5 minutes of their inquiry as a courtesy. Implement systems that enable automatic notifications for new inquiries, ensuring no lead slips through the cracks. Candidates appreciate swift responses, and it sets the tone for the relationship moving forward.

2. Hit Them on Different Channels

To maximize your reach and engage candidates effectively, it’s crucial to leverage multiple communication channels. Email follow-up is not going to work. Everyone gets a million emails every day. You have to text, call, leave voicemails, and find them on social media if you want to get a sliver of their attention. Not to mention, your candidate may have their preferred method of communication, so diversifying your approach ensures you meet them where they are most comfortable.

3. Persistence is Key

So what you’ve hit them on multiple channels? Now they are supposed to get back with you? Not so fast, people are plus, most job seekers are exploring multiple opportunities simultaneously, and consistent follow-ups keep you on their radar. Many recruiters are shocked to find that can take upwards of 10-15 touchpoints just to get in contact with the candidate. From there getting their resume or following up on the next steps will require multiple touchpoints too and that’s only the start. We’re assuming that now is the perfect time for the candidate. In order to position yourself to keep them in contact, you’re going to have to set reminders, do friendly check-in, share relevant job opportunities, seek feedback, and nurture relationships.

4. Equip Your Team for Success

To achieve effective outreach and connect with more candidates, it is vital to have a well-trained staff armed with the right tools and strategies. Invest in training programs that specifically focus on various outreach methods like voicemail scripts, text messaging scripts, and call cadences. Equip your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage candidates professionally and persuasively. Continuous training ensures they stay updated with industry best practices and enhances their communication abilities.

To make meaningful contact with candidates, their voicemails should be captivating and able to spark interest. Text messages should strike the right balance of being friendly, professional, and concise. Call cadences have to be diverse and reach candidates at different times of the day and week. Furthermore, ensure your team has a well-defined process in place for handling conversations once contact is established, guiding candidates smoothly toward the next step of the recruitment process.

5. Just Hire a Call Center

Your recruiters are busy. While juggling so many candidates, oftentimes it is hard to set aside the time to contact every single candidate 10-15 times. On the flip side, sometimes you just can’t get the recruiters to pick up the phone. A call center fixes all of that. Trained call center agents can not only do the dials for a fraction of the cost but can also pre-screen and qualify candidates. It could just make sense to bite the bullet and outsource the hardest part of building and maintaining your pipeline.


Increasing contact rates with candidates is crucial for staffing firms to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. By adopting strategies such as speedy follow-ups, implementing a call center, leveraging multiple communication channels, nurturing relationships through consistent follow-ups, and training your staff on effective outreach techniques, you can enhance candidate engagement and build stronger connections.

Remember, establishing personal connections, being prompt and persistent, and providing a seamless candidate experience will set your staffing firm apart from the competition. With these winning strategies in your arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to boosting contact rates, attracting top talent, and becoming the go-to resource for both candidates and employers alike.

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