Synergy Medical Staffing


Increase candidate acquisition, streamline appointment booking, and drive revenue growth.


Synergy Medical Staffing, a leading healthcare staffing firm, faced challenges in finding a new source for attracting and booking qualified candidates for their travel clinician roles. Their existing methods were working in reaching their target candidates but ultimately provided not enough applicant flow to hit their desired growth objectives.


Staffing Attraction Systems partnered with Synergy Medical Staffing to develop a comprehensive solution, focusing on targeted candidate acquisition and streamlined appointment booking.

1. Targeted Candidate Acquisition:

Utilizing advanced strategies and data-driven insights, Staffing Attraction Systems identified and targeted Synergy Medical Staffing’s ideal candidates actively seeking new travel clinician roles. By optimizing Google Ads campaigns and leveraging a high-converting funnel, they drove quality traffic to Synergy Medical Staffing’s website, increasing the chances of attracting the right talent.

2. Streamlined Appointment Booking:

To improve efficiency and enhance the booking process, Staffing Attraction Systems implemented its advanced call center appointment booking service. Their highly trained agents efficiently handled candidate inquiries, conducted pre-screening, and successfully booked qualified candidates on recruiters’ calendars. This streamlined approach saved time and allowed recruiters to focus on building relationships and facilitating placements.


The collaboration between Staffing Attraction Systems and Synergy Medical Staffing yielded outstanding outcomes:– Within a short period of less than 30 days, Synergy Medical Staffing acquired an impressive total of 159 new medical candidates. – Out of these candidates, 88 were successfully pre-screened and booked on recruiters’ calendars, significantly accelerating the placement process. – The combined efforts resulted in a monthly candidate opportunity value of $553,500, unlocking substantial revenue potential for Synergy Medical Staffing.

Solution and Benefits:

By implementing Staffing Attraction Systems’ targeted candidate acquisition and streamlined appointment booking solutions, Synergy Medical Staffing experienced several key benefits:
1. Expanded Candidate Pool:
The company rapidly expanded its pool of qualified candidates, enabling them to meet diverse client requirements and seize more placement opportunities.
2. Enhanced Efficiency:
The streamlined appointment booking process freed up recruiters’ time, allowing them to focus on building relationships, conducting interviews, and facilitating successful placements.
3. Revenue Growth:
With a consistent influx of qualified candidates, Synergy Medical Staffing experienced a substantial increase in revenue potential, driving accelerated business growth.


Are you seeking exceptional results in candidate acquisition and appointment booking for your staffing firm? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to partner with Staffing Attraction Systems. Contact us today at to learn how our tailored solutions can transform your recruitment process and drive remarkable results.

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