Advantis Medical Case Study – 350 Travel Nurses a Month

Case Study: From 0 to 350 Travel Nurses a Month

Client Background

Advantis Medical is a travel nursing firm that provides healthcare staffing services in various specialties across the United States.


Advantis Medical reached out to Staffing Attraction Systems for assistance in improving their Google Ads performance. They were struggling to attract and retain qualified travel nurses, and their previous attempts at running Google Ads were not delivering the desired results. They were wasting thousands of dollars every month on poorly optimized campaigns that were not generating enough leads or conversions.

Impact of the Problem

The lack of success with their Google Ads campaigns was impacting Advantis Medical’s ability to grow their business and compete with other healthcare staffing firms. They were missing out on potential clients and not attracting enough qualified nurses, resulting in a decrease in revenue and market share.

The Solution

Staffing Attraction Systems conducted a thorough audit of Advantis Medical’s Google Ads account and identified several major errors that were affecting their performance. We proposed a comprehensive solution that included optimizing their campaigns, setting them up on the new Google Analytics 4 system, developing custom landing pages, and integrating a lead routing system.

Auditing the Google Ads Account:

During the audit, Staffing Attraction Systems found that Advantis Medical was bidding on irrelevant and expensive keywords, and their ads were not targeted enough to the right audience. We restructured their campaigns, removed irrelevant keywords, and created new ad groups with more targeted keywords and ads that aligned with their business goals.

Optimizing Campaigns:

We optimized their campaigns by adding negative keywords, improving ad copy, and ensuring that their campaigns were running at the right times of the day and days of the week. This resulted in a significant reduction in their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and improved their overall ad performance.

Setting up Google Analytics 4:

We set up Advantis Medical on the new Google Analytics 4 system for better reporting and tracking of their website and campaign performance. This enabled them to make data-driven decisions and see how their ads were performing in real-time.

Developing Custom Landing Pages:

We developed custom landing pages that matched the types of nurses and state locations Advantis Medical wanted to target. These landing pages were designed to improve user experience, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions.

Integrating Lead Routing System:

We integrated a lead routing system using Zapier that simultaneously transferred leads from their landing pages to their applicant tracking system (ATS) and travel nursing app. This helped Advantis Medical to respond quickly to leads and increase their conversion rates.


After implementing our solution, Advantis Medical’s Google Ads campaigns started delivering more qualified leads and conversions. They went from 0 to 350 travel nursing candidates per month. Their CPA reduced by 50%, and their overall ad performance improved significantly. The custom landing pages and lead routing system contributed to their success by improving their user experience and conversion rates.


Staffing Attraction Systems was able to help Advantis Medical achieve their business goals by providing them with a comprehensive solution that optimized their Google Ads campaigns, set them up on the new Google Analytics 4 system, developed custom landing pages, and integrated a lead routing system. The results speak for themselves, as Advantis Medical is now attracting hundreds of qualified nurses every month, and their business is thriving.


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