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How We Help Attract More Prospective
Candidates & Clients

Strategy Development

We become your partners. Before any engagement begins, we want to make sure that we understand your unique business objectives and develop competitive reports and market analyses to identify current marketing gaps, new opportunities, and ultimately, outsmart and outperform your competitors

PPC Management

We offer the finest Google Ads/Bing PPC management services you will find anywhere on the planet. Google Ads helps you get on top of Google, quickly and aggressively. Our team is passionate about driving qualified traffic to your business and optimizing growth.

Google for Jobs

Our Savvy Google for Jobs Optimization Service is intended to make your job listings much more easily found, more engaging and informative, and thus able to generate a far greater number of leads for your business. In addition, we will be able to measure all your applicant activity using our proprietary tracking method.

Landing Page Development

Our custom landing page designs help increase your conversion rates and lower your cost-per-aquisition. We create landing pages with on-target messaging for your specific business, calls to action, imagery and content that will engage and convert your next customers.

Call Center Appointment Booking

Suffering from low contact rates? Our team of dedicated specialists will reach out to your leads, pre-screen them, and book them on your recruiters calendars!

Tracking, Reporting & Analytics

This is where most agencies miss out. We take the time to properly install tracking mechanisms and develop reports that speak to your business's biggest KPIs and drivers. Ultimately, our goal is to help you better understand your return on ad spend and costs to acquire prospects. Working with us, you’ll understand where your dollars are going and how your campaigns are performing in terms of dollar amounts, not vanity metrics like clicks or impressions

Why Our Systems Work?

Our advertising approach is rooted in a thorough analysis of your business, including your vision, roadblocks, and current capabilities. By leveraging our proven business diagnosis framework, we provide tailored candidat attraction solutions that drive results. 

Your Most Important Marketing Numbers:
  • Current Annual Revenue
  • Weekly number of candidates or client leads generated (by channel)
  • The average value of your ideal candidates (by role) or clients
  • Retention Rate
  • Lifetime Value of a Clinician/Client
  • Lifetime Gross Profit Value Of a Clinician/Client

“If your current agency or marketing specialists don’t know these figures, then your marketing is not optimized and you are wasting your marketing budget”

Areas We Specialize In:

At Staffing Attraction Systems, we help all types of businesses that need medical staff. We’ve fine-tuned successful strategies and tactics that really work for these business sectors and pay off for our clients. So why not capitalize on our expertise?

  • Medical Staffing Firms
  • General Staffing Firms
  • Hospitals & Medical Systems
  • Telemedicine  Companies
  • Nursing Homes & Hospices
  • Job Boards & Technology Platforms

Ready to Attract More Prospective Candidates and Clinics?

Our 20-minute complimentary evaluation is structured to your specific needs and may entail one or more of the following evaluations: PPC, SEO, GBP. An additional paid consultation is also offered where we give recommendations and present our evaluation findings.

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